Motivational Keynote by Act-1 Group CEO Janice Bryant Howroyd

Act-1 Group Chairman & CEO Janice Bryant Howroyd, founder of the largest female-owned company on the Black Enterprise 100s, shares how she started her multimillion-dollar business more than 30 years ago with one phone line and $1,500. Ranked among the Black Enterprise 75 Most Powerful Women in Business, Howroyd delivers this powerful and enlightening motivational address at the 2008 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Tonya Jackson

    Absolutely inspirational. I love the fact that she always stays true to herself. I am an upcoming entrepenuer that also has Christian values and I believe those values have kept Mrs. Howroyd’s business soring and successful as it has been. She is definitely a business professional that I admire and want to pattern my business behind as well.

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  • Fatimah Malone

    I would like someone to repair the sound on this video. I could hardly hear it. Thank you.