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5 Eco-friendly Products to Save You Money

Whether it’s your computer, printer, copy machine and even water fountains, if it’s plugged into a wall it’s drawing power–even when they’re not being used. This wasted energy can cost you hundreds of dollars a year. But, ThinkEco’s Modlet, named one of the International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards Honorees will put a stop to that. When your appliances and electronics are plugged into the Modlet, you can wirelessly monitor and control the electronic power consumption of the electronic devices in your office. Each Modlet communicates wirelessly with your computer using a USB key and the Modlet software. Then, the software communicates back by intelligently scheduling outlets to automatically shut power on and off based on historic usage patterns. The Modlet will retail for $50 for a starter kit of one Modlet and a USB receiver. After that, each additional Modlet will cost $44.95.