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Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue

Vincent Williams: Economic Empowerment Champion Supports Entrepreneurs

My primary office is on the south side of Chicago, where many of our clients are from under-served communities. Our goal is to eliminate racism and empower women, and what better way than through the power of entrepreneurship. The impact it has on the communities that we serve is outstanding as it enables men, women and youth to see the power of drive, education and economic empowerment through business. Providing resources is a key element of empowerment.

Ricky Fountain: Chief Academic Officer Positions Schools To Win

Primarily, my life’s work has been turnaround work in schools. Most schools I’ve worked for and/or districts I’ve worked within have been in literal struggle circumstances relative to academic achievement, institutional health, and well-being, etc. Therefore, I have tried to align systemic practice with earnest humanity to collaborate with others for the purpose of rapid transformation.