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5 Trends To Enhance Broadband

many database servers to work together as a single, virtual computer. “The grid computing is something that will increase in usage,” predicts Noel Yuhanna, an analyst with Forrester, a technology market research firm in California. “We know that a grid is becoming viable for customers especially for data serving, data integration, and utilizing the resources that are available within the organization.”

14 Peer-to-Peer Technology Napster became a popular peer-to-peer network for sharing free music over the Internet. Now, P2P users are sharing everything from PowerPoint presentations to free Internet phone calls. You can expect to see more business applications for peer-to-peer networks as software producers find the best ways to add in collaboration capabilities.

15 Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL) Until now, residents and businesses wanting high-speed Internet access had only two choices–cable or DSL. Now, broadband over electric power lines offers a new option for delivering high-speed connectivity. “I think the future of broadband over power lines is extremely bright because it represents a third alternative for access to the Internet,” says Joseph Fergus, president of COMTek, a BE 100S firm that offers BPL services. “[BPL will] reach rural and hard-to-get-to areas with a much better cost model than any of the other two options.” Fergus points out that once BPL is deployed in a particular home or building, the entire structure has Internet access. Any electrical outlet becomes a conveyor to the Internet, which in turn makes the price for BPL services less than traditional cable or DSL.