Six Inspiring Commencement Speeches by Women
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6 Inspiring Commencement Speeches by Women

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Whoopi Goldberg, 2011 Savannah College of Art and Design: “Embrace Your Uniqueness”

Academy Award-winning actress, author, producer and co-host of the VIEW, shared her best advice on embracing your individuality.

Let me tell you something. I was really lucky. I had really weird mother. She also had another really weird child but I was the weirder of the two. Basically she said to me, “Well, it’s ok if you’re weird. Are you willing to pay the price for it?” and I was like, “I don’t know what you mean.” because I was just me. She said,”You realize that not everybodyis going to get you, not everybody is going to see what you see, not everybody’s going to feel what youfeeland you can talk until you’re white in the face.  They still may not get it and not only may they not get it, they may not likeyou. When it’s all said and done, are you prepared to take that on, in order to stay an individual?”