Alyah Horsford-Sidberry Keeps Her Business in Harlem
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Harlem Hot Spot: One Entrepreneur’s Story of Passion, Longevity and Diversity

Harlem’s a prime Manhattan location, centrally located, accessible to public transportation, the major airports, the financial district, midtown, and major interstate highways. Harlem is the location which boasts an influx of national retailers and countless new businesses; nonstop real estate development and conversions with both affordable and luxury housing; and a place of never-ending possibilities, especially along its major commercial strip, 125 Street, which has its own BID Business Improvement District.  Harlem is the second or third most popular tourist destination in Manhattan. This is Harlem’s second renaissance.

What drives you to go to work daily?

The love of what I do, it encourages others to achieve their goals, and desire to create a legacy for my children to build on if they so chose.

What have you learned in the real estate business that has helped you in the restaurant venture?

Building solid relationships with your staff and customers is an important piece to your success. Owning the business venue is imperative.

Do you have a business motto that you live by?

“Faith + work = success”

If you could go back in time and make an alternate business decision, what would it be and why?

I would have bought more commercial real estate in Harlem so that I would be in a position to help some longtime small businesses remain in our community.

Tell us something that few people know about you that you would want them to know.

I have a passion for acting and have studied it for four years. A few of my credits include Off Broadway productions of “Cheaters,” “Same Time,” “Next Year,” and a lead role in the indie movie “Deep Trouble.”