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An Official Stamp?

view certification as an advantage.

“I don’t foresee an impact on hiring at this point,” says Robert Gladden, principal of executive search for Stanton Chase International, a top executive recruiting firm based in Baltimore. “You judge a person based on their breadth of experience and their innate intelligence about business.”

Akande concedes that businesses are cautious. “This is a test of time. I believe one day the CMBA will do for us what the CPA does for accounting,” he says. But Rice doesn’t believe the exam will have such an impact. “We’re in big trouble if employers lose confidence that our students are learning basic business knowledge. I see employers being more concerned with what I call the higher-order business skills: judgment, effective communication, and leadership. You can’t test that on a certification exam.”

For more information on certified M.B.A Testing, access their Website at Testing, including application fee, is $450.