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Aviation Veteran Talks Re-entering the Workforce

What tips do you have for someone who might feel deterred by their age?

No one can tell by looking at another whether he or she is not a seasoned professional. Returning workers should learn all they can by attending various events and seminars, showing their passion and volunteering to be there when the going gets tough.

Because a more mature candidate will likely have more real-world wisdom and often more business experience than their younger competitors, it is easier for them to demonstrate how they can be an asset to an organization. They can bring new and/or time-tested ideas and team building skills that are likely to unite both generations of workers. Being too old is mostly a state of mind.

Candidates should scrutinize their available resources and determine what they are willing to sacrifice to realize their life-long dream. They should focus on impressing prospective employers with their maturity, good sense, attention to detail, and concern for providing a high-quality service.

How do you overcome negative feelings when you are a senior worker who has to answer to someone much younger?

Senior workers need to demonstrate they are there to learn from and work with their superiors, regardless of their age. They also should strive to work well with the other younger employees; as teamwork and cooperation will contribute to their success.

Other tips are to learn to laugh at oneself. Remember that success in business is bound to incur occasional disappointments, jealousies, and rumors, along with many new experiences and positive rewards. Lastly, they should use their assertiveness, creativity, flexibility perseverance, and courage to enjoy each step along the way.

What are some things employers can do to facilitate a comfortable work environment for those who are seniors?

Take things a bit slower, respect that seniors may have mobility and eyesight issues. Give them credit for the things they can do and assist them in learning news skills by pairing them with younger workers who can gain new skills as trainers simultaneously.