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Barack Obama for President

for all Americans to follow. Obama’s candidacy can be viewed as the natural outgrowth of a passion for public service and his desire to move this nation forward. Americans of all races and backgrounds embrace Obama because he is more like them, and identifies more authentically with them, than any other presidential candidate of either party. And Obama is unique in his ability to energize younger voters. That’s why his campaign has raised funds from a record 365,000 donors through the first three quarters of 2007. For a nation growing in racial and ethnic diversity, Obama’s life is the authentically American experience of the 2008 election.

What an Obama presidency has to offer is exactly what our nation needs at this critical place and time in our history. This is why we are supporting Obama’s candidacy–with our time, our money, our influence, as well as our vote–and why we urge you to do the same. The question is not whether America is ready to elect a black man as president. It is whether America will elect the candidate best qualified to lead our country and restore our global standing in the 21st century. If the answer to that question is yes, the next president of the United States will be Barack Obama.