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BE Modern Man: Meet Bolstr Co-Founders Larry Baker and Charlie Tribbett


“Entrepreneurship is a path trodden with peaks and valleys. One minute you’re on top of the world and the next, you’re wondering if you’ll make it. Raising capital is by far the hardest thing we’ve had to do, and it takes place in one of the least diverse worlds you’ll find. Convincing someone you’re worth investing in, especially when they don’t look like you, is a huge challenge. Our mentality is that we are going to outwork, and be twice as good as our peers in order to succeed.”

Attacking the business with fierce tenacity and confidence allows the Bolstr team to break through in the fin-tech industry. “We know that we are smart, capable, and will out-work our competition. We also have a genuine friendship that is the cornerstone of our partnership. This allows us to leverage our collective strengths, and support each other through any challenge that we face.”

With no fear of failure, the duo used their collective experience in finance to build a business that has a direct impact on entrepreneurs who need funding to grow their business. Words of advice from Baker and Tribbett are direct and to the point: “Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks. Perceived risk often inhibits people from following their passions. Use fear as a motivator; not as an excuse. Start by defining the worst-case scenario, this will allow you to quantify the risk associated with any action. Often times, the downside isn’t as bad as you think.”

Baker and Tribbett advise that young BE Modern Man hopefuls approach their career as an entrepreneurial endeavor. “Often times, people look at their careers as a paycheck machine, but in order to achieve success you really have to change your mindset and strive to perfect every aspect of your career.” By carrying key traits, such as influence, resiliency, and courage, the pair believes that these aforementioned characteristics, along with hard-work, lead to success.

“Ben Horowitz famously said: “I do fundamentally believe that, really, global culture is influenced by black culture in the U.S.” In order to break through barriers, you have to be willing to be the first one through the wall. Black men have a long history of overcoming overwhelming adverse conditions.”

Strength in the face of courage is what defines the past, present, and future legacies of black men throughout the world. “Being a BE Modern Man is a huge honor, and comes with a huge responsibility,” says the duo. “We wouldn’t be here without those that came before us, and so it is our responsibility to make sure that there are others that have the opportunity to come after us. Being a BE Modern Man means leading by example.

The team salutes these two fin-tech businessmen, Charlie Tribbett and Larry Baker, who did not wait until the time was “right,” but used their experience and knowledge gained during their previous roles, to build for their current one. The co-founders of are bolstering business opportunities for themselves and others.

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