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BEing Green: Leveraging on Innovation

Is there a lag in getting African Americans to become involved in the green movement? If so, why?

African Americans  many trends in the United States and globally.  I believe, as we become aware of the dire need for change, our actions will follow, and as a culture, eventually it will be apart of every day life. Currently, a growing number of African Americans are changing their diets and becoming more conscious about what they eat and how it correlates to overall health. It won’t belong before the world understands that our environmental factors and surroundings are equally as important.

You’re so young, what keeps you motivated and inspired?

My father has always inspired me to be entrepreneurial. He always told me that I should be in control of my own finances and time. He would always tell me that there is very little job security and someone can fire you at any time. I’ve always cherished freedom and the availability to make my own schedule and pursue passions that interest me.
What is the biggest challenge young people and African Americans face in developing a business or getting people to believe in their plan?

Often times, young people do not have access to entrepreneurial minded people or the opportunity to associate with other youth’s and adults who share similar passions. I was fortunate to have met people like Juan Casimiro, founder of the Casimiro Foundation, a youth-based entrepreneurial camp that teaches the fundamentals of business, business plan implementation and investing. I never forgot those lessons he taught me, or the blessings of being able to network with people I’ve met at the various conferences.

You have a lot of wisdom and insight to share, how are you involved in community outreach?

I speak at high schools and business camps around the nation about the importance of becoming entrepreneurs  at a young age. I feel that America’s future lies in entrepreneurship. Young people have more tools available now than ever before. All they need is the guidance and re-assurance that they can succeed at any venture they choose.

What were some of the challenges you’ve encountered while building your business?

Most of the challenges have been financial. We’ve had to personally finance all of our endeavors. Before we make a decision, we ask, “is this absolutely necessary, what are our other options, what future impact will this decision have on our lives?” Staying motivated in a difficult economy can also be a challenge, and one has to constantly remind himself of the vision he once had for the future. I’m not sure if I would change anything yet or do anything different.
What is on the horizon for Keith Dixon?

In my personal life, it is my goal to travel the world and get to know as many cultures as possible.  I want to become a blessing to all that I meet and encourage all to strive for their unique passions. This year, I will visit Columbia, and Japan. There is much to be gained by embracing the cultures of others.

What is on the horizon for Pristine Gowns? How do you plan to diversify your business?

Pristine Gowns will diversify by offering additional Green medical supplies that help to preserve the environment and make treatment options more comfortable for patients and health care providers alike.