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Bright Gift-Giving Ideas

Headphones 2.0 are a must-have for commuters and travelers. With advanced noise-cancellation technology, this headset not only eliminates bothersome ambient sounds but is also safe for one’s hearing–preventing the need to pump up the volume. They come complete with an airplane jack adapter and comfortable memory foam-cushioned earphones; simply pop in the batteries and venture off to a more pleasurable listening experience.; $69.95

DJ Mix Master
This holiday season puts aspiring musicians to the test with the iPod Digital Drumsticks and iPod DJ Mixing Studio. Jam along to favorite songs, or to six included background rhythms, with the motion-activated drumsticks. Use buttons on each stick to create different effects–from snare drum to hi-hat–and connect to an iPod or similar MP3 player. Music makers can use the DJ Mixing Studio to create digital mixing effects. The Mixing Studio includes two discs that can be either rotated or scratched to produce unique background rhythms, drum fills, and voice effects. These master mixes can then be saved to a PC or Mac when using the proper audio connector (not included). The DJ Mixing Studio requires four AA batteries.; iPod Digital Drumsticks: $29.95; iPod DJ Mixing Studio: $39.95

Stylish Pooch
Just because man’s best friend comes equipped with a fur coat doesn’t mean the cold winter months won’t bring Fido a few shivers. Pups donning the Fab Dog Argyle Ski Vest will get the extra protection they need to stay warm–not to mention being the talk of the town. Ranging from XXS to XXL with a removable faux-fur-trimmed hood and an embroidered argyle stripe down the back, this vest is stylish! Get ready for the neighborhood’s next fashionista.; $56 and up
Additional reporting by Sheiresa McRae