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Connections For Business

that could help other businesses. “[When you join organizations,] you meet people with like ways of thinking. … You can brainstorm more efficiently and share relationships more efficiently,” says Watt. “All those things are important.”

Build a strong network. Watt didn’t just collect business cards, he set out to create relationships he could take with him as he moved throughout his career. His relationships have become a very valuable resource, allowing him to gain knowledge and provide a service to people who come in contact with him. The old adage about it not being what you know, but who you know has a degree of truth to it.

Become a mentor to other businesses. When he was getting NextMedium off the ground, Watt didn’t come across as many black companies to mentor him as he would have liked. Because of that, he is determined to help other entrepreneurs. “I’m a big believer in black entrepreneurial talent. I think there is an extraordinary amount of talent that is unrealized, untapped, and undervalued,” he says. “I look forward to the opportunity to be a mentor.”