Cool Jobs: Web Sensation and Comedian Quinta B

Cool Jobs: Quinta B Talks Comedy Influences and Digital Impact

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Gianni Lee, a very influential artist, has had his Babylon Cartel featured in a few of your sketches. Can you talk about how you two connected and how the success of your videos has impacted your life and career?

Gianni and I are very good friends from Philadelphia. I can’t even put our friendships into words. He is one of the most creatively radical and motivating people I know. I think he has helped me to have faith in myself and I think I have helped him to trust his intuition. He’s a great mind. I love him very much.

Earlier this year, you were featured on REVOLT TV and attracted 11,500 likes for announcing it through your Instagram. As your impact is felt more and more digitally, do you believe that you television is even still necessary for you to make a big splash in the game?

Right now, TV is still important. Not everyone has Internet access and not everyone is using the Internet. I also love the world of television, so I think it’ll fulfill a deep passion of mine.

As the central star behind “The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date,” inquiring minds want to know what was the nicest date you’ve ever been on?

A boy once gave me a piggyback ride through Downtown Philadelphia at 3 o’clock in the morning. It was something special because downtown is so gorgeous and quiet at the time. There was no money involved except for him getting a cab back into the city.

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