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Extraordinary Products in a Growing Market

the product in the aftermarket in the U.S.

Since the business began last year, Valles’ client base has been strictly homeowners, primarily those 55 and older who have discretionary income. This year he branched out to commercial buildings, and later he would like to court government clients. Customers range from the U.S. to Europe; and soon-to-be clients are located in Norway and Mexico. EverClean’s startup costs were an estimated $17,000, and the company currently has seven employees. It generated $70,000 in revenues for 2005 and $970,000 for 2006; it is projected to make a huge leap to $1.5 million to $2 million for 2007.

Smith, whose Flex-Power is used by many athletes, is looking to break into mass marketing by focusing on distribution into sports and health-related stores like the Vitamin Shoppe and Sports Authority. Though it’s challenging to persuade buyers to try a new product, Smith predicts that retailers will catch on soon to the impendent nanotechnology boom.

“I think we are one of the products like Netscape was for the Internet, that can bring attention to nanotechnology and open the door for other consumer products down the road,” says Smith. “We could be the first company to be a leader and pave the way to more tangible, everyday products that integrate nanotechnology.”

Nanotechnology is used in more products every year t
o help make them more efficient and durable or to enhance their performance. The items below show the range of industries using this cutting-edge technology.

1) Worry Free
Imagine a technology that transforms the molecular structures of fibers, creating fabrics that resist spills, allow stains to wash out easily, provide long-lasting protection, keep your body cool and comfortable, resist static, look better longer, retain their natural softness, and breathe naturally. That’s what Nano-Tex fabrics do. (Price varies; www.nano-tex.com)

2) Rain, Rain Go Away
Just give the NanoNuno umbrella a good shake after a heavy rain, and watch it dry right away. The nanotechnology in this product produces a microscopic, rough nanostructure that dirt and moisture simply roll off of. Since moisture does not penetrate the fabric, there is no tedious drying. (Price: £49.95; www.proidee.co.uk.)

3) Car Wash
Eagle One introduces the first polish and wax, NanoWax, utilizing advanced nanotechnology to fill fine scratches and conceal swirl marks. It also makes the car shine and leaves no wax residue behind. (Price: $5.95; www.valvomedia.com)

4) Breath of Fresh Air
The NanoBreeze Room Air Purifier decomposes indoor air pollution and is ozone free. The nanotechnology in NanoBreeze rips apart dangerous airborne molecules and renders them benign. The NanoBreeze decomposes allergens and mold spores, kills bacteria and viruses, and reduces exhaust fumes and vapors. (Price: $129.99; www.nanobreeze.com)

5) Recharge It
The Medis 24/7 Fuel Cell Power Pack is a disposable charger/portable auxiliary power source for small, portable electronic devices, such as cell phones. The Power Pak uses nanotechnology in its catalyst materials. The catalyst is a thin layer of material that is used in anodes and cathodes. Using this nanotechnology obviates the need for precious metals in the system,