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Extraordinary Products in a Growing Market

thereby lowering the retail cost. (Price: $19.99 for the fuel cell, $24.99 for the starter kit7; www.medistechnologies.com).

6) Keep it Clean
BEHR Paints’ new Premium Plus Interior Sateen Kitchen and Bath Enamel uses nanotechnology to form a barrier against mildew and stains in kitchens and bathrooms. The paint’s key ingredients are reduced to nano-size particles that enhance the performance of the paint, resulting in an extremely hard, durable finish. The product offers water resistance, easy stain removal, superior stain blocking resistance, and improved application properties. (Price: $26.98; www.behr.com)

7) Tee Off
NanoDynamics golf balls focus on the physics of a golf ball’s rotation. Rotation of a golf ball increases turbulence, which generates lift. Through selection and control over material properties, such as modulus of elasticity and specific gravity, the ball can be designed so that it breaks less on inclines and is less prone to be nudged “off-line” by imperfections in the green’s playing surface. (Price: $19.95 for three; www.ndmxgolf.com/technology.php)

8) High-Tech Support
Wacoal Sport Science offers a full-length Insulator Sport Support bra top that features patented CW-X Conditioning Web support technology. The garment features Auto-Sensor, a new nanotechnology fabric that has thermal, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and anti-bacterial properties. The CW-X Sport Support bra has mesh webbing built into each bra cup. The webbing encapsulates each breast separately, creating a floating inner support that is uniquely comfortable. (Price: $60 and up; www.cw-x.com.)

9) Match Point
The Head Nano Titanium Extreme Tennis Racquet has taken the original titanium weave and integrated nanotechnology into it, making the racket stronger, more stable, and able to produce more power. The oversize head provides a large sweet spot. (Price: $64.95: www.head.com.)

10) Home Run Power
Easton Sports uses carbon nanotubes in its Stealth Comp CNT baseball bats. Because nanotube fibers are incredibly strong–16 times stronger than steel and one-billionth of a meter in size–engineers can customize bat barrels to create bigger sweet spots and maximize performance along the length of the barrel.
(Suggested retail price for bat: $419.95; www.eastonsports.com)