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Firms Energized Over Billion-Dollar Deal

says. EES is involved in all three levels of operation: Tier 1, which is help desk, Tier 2, which is site support, and Tier 3, which is network operations. “I think this is kind of like a rite of passage for us. This shows what happens when you have a vision and determination to work through obstacles that are presented.”

Teel believes that 1 Source — with 85 employees and projected revenues of $30 million for 2006 — is on its way to being a major government contractor starting with this DOE contract. He plans to hire between 500 and 600 people within the next six months, from software engineers to network security experts, to accommodate the contract requirements.

With the expansion, Teel hopes his company follows in the footsteps of RSIS: “RSIS has led the way and been an example for other SBA companies. As we grow, we want to help other companies as well.”