Amada Senior Care Talks Meeting Demand of Growing Senior Population

Franchise Spotlight: Amada Senior Care Embraces ‘Silver Tsunami’

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“We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback and the future looks very bright we are very excited. Right now we have about 27 units open across the U.S, we will probably close down at forty this year – and are looking at another forty to fifty next year. We want to have a very healthy, slow, sustained growth and want to make sure, ensure all our franchisees validate”.

Another way Amada is burrowing deeper into their niche? Helping provide solutions in the battered veterans care industry. The recent scandal at Veterans Affairs where the department was accused of falsifying data to disguise the lengthy and fatal waiting periods it took for our nation’s bravest to see doctors put the Obama administration on notice. 40 United States veterans died as a result of the delays and it led to the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

“We are very active in our community. We actually have a VA contract and we service a lot of the veterans. It’s a program we are happy to be a part of”.

They look to offer solutions by providing services to veterans in their homes.

“We come to them. So if they have the benefits that’s available to them through that program its expedited to our office and we service them within a matter of hours”.

As far as challenges for potential franchisees looking to take the plunge, Jefferson says, “The biggest challenge is getting staff. There is definitely no shortage of work that’s available but there’s definitely a shortage of folks that can provide the service. It’s just retraining and providing jobs within the community”.

And advice? “Get involved,” Jefferson says. “Find out all that you can, do your due diligence when you’re looking at your franchise system and specifically in the senior care market. Go ahead and look at the franchise business review, they did a special this year on all the franchises within our space. So do some homework and just really do a good job of kicking the tires.”