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From Welfare To Wall Street

I had faith in God and in myself. Prayer is my starting point, but I always follow through with action. That same day I called my brother and asked him to buy me a fax machine so I could start my own business. He came through and Robinson Financial was born.”

Robinson Financial Group specializes in guidance to neophytes in the areas of homeownership, budgeting, investing, and credit repair. While RFG remains a mortgage brokerage firm, Robinson is working toward her dream of founding an actual lending institution. She is passionate on the subject of finance and its use as a tool to help repair what is broken in individuals, as well as in the black community overall. She shares her passion, her opinions, and financial advice on a talk show on the Philadelphia-area radio station WDAS-AM. You only need to hear her once to know that she speaks not just from knowledge, but from a deep well of experience.

“Every single thing that took place in my life happened for a purpose and led me to be who I am,” she says. “Most of the situations we end up in, we created. We can’t go back and change things, but we always have the ability to create something new. That is a powerful grain of knowledge. It’s empowering, and it’s real.”