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Get Hired Now!

Now! system, one or all of the reasons below will sound familiar:

You don’t know where to start. Finding the right job seems like an overwhelming task. There are either too many job listings to sort through or you can’t find any opportunities that seem to fit. You take a few stabs at job hunting but you get nowhere. Interviews aren’t coming your way. Nobody is calling you back so you end up feeling frustrated and do little else.

There are too many things to do. You realize that you need to increase your network, but you think your resumé isn’t quite good enough, so you work on that. You know that contacting potential hiring managers is important, but it’s easier to look at the help-wanted ads in the paper. You question whether all of your time spent in informational interviews will ever be worth it. You don’t have a way to prioritize your job search activities and manage your time.

It’s difficult to stay motivated. You may know exactly what you need to do, but you avoid doing it. It’s much easier to surf the Internet or watch television than go to an association meeting where you might meet the right person who can lead you to a great job opportunity. You’ve gone weeks or months with few interviews and no job offers. When you get a rejection letter or no response from companies you’ve contacted, you take it personally. It’s easy to blame the economy, lack of job openings, or the time of year.

If any or all of these obstacles have stopped you in your tracks, then you are in good company. Job seekers rarely fail because there are no job opportunities, they fail because they don’t effectively contact and follow up with the people who can lead them to jobs. This is why the Get Hired Now! system works; it provides both a structure and tool kit for taking action to find the people who know about job opportunities — and it helps eliminate the roadblocks.

Cooking Up Your Own Job Search Program
We think that designing and implementing a successful job search campaign is a lot like cooking a nutritious meal. When you are cooking, you need to decide what’s on the menu, shop for ingredients, and make sure your food choices combine to make a healthful diet. In the first five chapters of Get Hired Now! the editors guide you to select a regular menu of job search activities, prepare the essential ingredients for job search success, and evaluate your choices to create a balanced job-seeking approach. When your personal job search action plan is ready for consumption, you’ll begin the 28-day program. We’ll help you start each day with a specific list of things to do and provide plenty of daily advice for working through internal and external barriers to effective action. Figure 1-1: GET

Get help to make it happen. By using this program, you are going to add a new level of focus, strategy, and structure to your