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Get Your Life in Order for ’09

don’t even realize there is a better way.

What is the best way people can learn to balance both what they feel is a necessity and what they feel is needed but is not a top priority — ie., maximizing work time versus making moves to stay healthy (visiting the gym or taking time out for a doctor’s visit)?

You have to have a vision for your life. In your wildest wishes, what would you like to see yourself doing or being? You’ll set short- and long-term goals to attain that vision. Your objectives outline what you need to reach your goals. And you have to put an action plan in place to reach the objectives. At this point, you’ll understand how you should spend your time based on your vision and your values. If you learn how to work smarter, you’ll have time to do everything you want–within reason.

What are some elements to stay away from when trying to become more productive?

Turn off the TV and get off the telephone. Spend your time doing things that will help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

With so many companies cutting budgets, how can managers and top executives increase productivity while not at the expense of their workers?

There is so much wastage. People are spending too much time doing busy work and putting out fires instead of having time to focus on work that adds value. If you organize everything so you can think more clearly, you’ll plan and prioritize better. If you streamline all of your processes and procedures, you’ll make better decisions. If you incorporate technology the right way and with more training, you’ll finish everything quicker and with fewer errors.

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