Golf & Tennis Challenge: Gold Medalist Archer Talks Will to Win

Golf & Tennis Challenge: Gold Medalist Archer Talks ‘Will to Win’

(Image: Babette Peyton)

What do you consider your greatest obstacle at this point in time?

My greatest obstacle right now is putting together a team and resources that will enable me to travel around the world to compete. While I’m doing that, I’m also looking for opportunities for public speaking, and maybe doing a little consulting. When I’m an Olympian, and it’s over, I want to have something to move into. Some things are accidents but some things you can plan to do. It doesn’t have to be real big, but just plan and do it. I thank God that I’m still here and I still have room to try new things.

What would you like readers to know about you or your mission?

First, that I’m God’s child, with a billion dollar smile. If I can help somebody, then I do. Since I’m a veteran now, my focus has been on veterans and the Wounded Lady Warriors Project. We started last year because women veterans do not get the same kind of help. The outreach could be better and every GI is not a Joe. I want readers  to know that I’m looking forward to have new boundaries expanded, I’m looking forward to partnering. I partner for everything that I do. If people have ideas, new projects, and they’re looking to partner, I can find a way. If I can’t partner with them, maybe I can help find the people to partner with them. I love Black Enterprise, since you help us to move forward to improve the quality of our lives. If I could ever be a part of that, I would love to.  I’m trying to expand my social life. It’s not as successful as I would like because I have to get out more. The mission continues when you can encourage people by what you do and they’ll tell people, ‘Hey, did you see? She’s in a wheelchair [and] she’s doing this and that and you’re at home just complaining, not doing anything.’ I think that the little positive role model I can be, if I can say a kind word, or share a smile, I would love to do that. I want people to know that I’m a child of God with a billion dollar smile that might end up with a billion dollars or more in net worth.

Let Babette be an inspiration to us all to go out and try something new this Labor Day weekend, Thursday, September 3 — Sunday, September 6, as we take aim for archery. For more information on Babette Peyton, check out her website at and follow her @ladyvethero on Twitter.

You still have time to register for the Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge, this weekend at the PGA Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Click the link and be there.

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