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Green Product Guide

chargers are the size of dinner plates, but the Power Monkey model fits in your pocket and is more powerful than a standard battery. It comes with attachments for a wide variety of devices and can provide 96 hours of standby for a cell phone, as well as 48 hours for a PDA, $120.

  • LED Shakable Flashlight
    This LED flashlight never needs batteries, just a good shake to get it started. EcoGeekLiving’s model has three brightness levels and is waterproof. Leave one nearby in case of emergency. Starting at $21.95.
  • Sony VAIO Eco-Series Laptop
    Sony’s Eco-Series laptop is narrow to reduce the use of natural resources, has components made from recyclable materials such as its magnesium alloy casing, and is packaged with recycled paper certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. The laptop is also free of lead and other hazardous materials, making it compliant with strict European electronics standards, $1,090.
  • Klean Kanteen
    While the debate over whether plastic water bottles leach hormone-disrupting chemicals continues, these sanitary-grade stainless steel canteens are a stylish, safe, and eco-friendly alternative. The lightweight bottles come in sizes from 12 to 40 ounces, starting at $14.95 for a 12-oz bottle.
  • Ecover Cleansers
    This company’s tagline for liquid soap is “does the dishes, not the fishes.” Made in ecologically-sound factories, these nontoxic soaps are phosphate-free, meaning they don’t disrupt aquatic life like other detergents. After three days, soapy Ecover water is safe enough to be used on your garden–ideal for homes with water-capture systems. Prices start at $3.
  • Ecopod e1
    This home recycling center is the sports car of home recycling. No need for bulky bins parked around the kitchen. The sleek-looking Ecopod e1 compacts aluminum and plastic containers in one pedal press motion, making room for up to 60 crushed items. There are also storage compartments for glass and paper under the lid, $328.
  • Kill A Watt
    Even if your TV is off, it still pulls electricity. Plug your electronics into the Kill A Watt device and a readout shows how much energy they use. The EZ model calculates monthly energy costs so you can identify electricity vampires, put them on power strips, and flip the off switch at night to save money. Starting at $20.
  • Recycled Billboard Bags
    District Cotton, a New York-based company that makes socially responsible organic cotton apparel, found a colorful way to keep used billboard materials out of landfills. The result: graphic messenger bags and totes handcrafted in Buenos Aires from the remnants of local advertising. No two look the same: $37-$63.

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