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Here Come The Suits

make the transition. New York City-based business clothier Brooks Bros. holds seminars and fashion shows for firms with employees who are confused about new dress guidelines. In addition, about 200 companies take part in the retailer’s Corporate Imaging Program, which provides a 20% shopping discount.

For employees going from a casual dress code to a formal one or looking for work in the current environment, here are a few tips:

Build on what you own. “Look in your closet and see what you have,” says Geri Corrigan, director of public relations at Brooks Bros. For men, “It’s easy to update your wardrobe with shirts and ties,” and “women can update with sweaters and scarves.”

Stick with the basics. Corrigan recommends investing in 100% wool suits in neutral colors such as navy, gray, or black, which can take you through three seasons. Also, pay attention to fit. “Classic, but current” is the goal, she says.

Get help. If you’re unsure of what to wear, ask a knowledgeable salesperson or someone whose style you admire.