Lessons From A Donald Trump Apprentice

Hired 101: Lessons From A Trump Apprentice

"You're fired!" Yes, this was my fate in Week 8 of my run as a job candidate on The Apprentice. But I was happy to help my "brother" Randal win it all.

The casting directors from The Apprentice cast in groups of about ten at a time.  So, immediately, I could see that I would need to ensure that whatever I said would “standout” because there were so many people at the table.  The key, however, was not standing out for the wrong reasons, which many people did.  The first question asked, which also happens to be the most difficult question for most people, was as follows: “Quickly, in a couple of sentences, tell me about yourself.”  Because the casting was in Washington, DC and I was a former Miss District of Columbia, I decided to use that to my advantage.  Here is what I said:  “My name is Marshawn Evans.  I’m a former Miss America runner-up, talent and interview winner, and also a Georgetown University trained lawyer (I had a provisional license to practice law in DC) that runs a national communications consulting company working with entertainers and media personalities.”  I could have simply said I’m a lawyer and entrepreneur.  But, there is no explicit value communicated in the latter.  Make your value known clearly and concisely.

Number Three: Adapt as Necessary. Most people do not know that I actually went through the majority of the casting process interviewing for the Martha Stewart version of The Apprentice…remember that?  She was only around for one season.  I showed up that day fully intending to interview for Trump’s show, but the line for Martha was shorter!  I had on high heels, and it was a cold February day, so I followed the still voice in my spirit that said get in the other line, and get in it now.

Weeks later, after going through five rounds of interviews, background checks and video diaries, I received an invitation via phone to attend the final round of interviews in Los Angeles.  The only catch was that the producers felt my personality was more “suited” for Trump’s show.  I wasn’t sure if that was compliment or not!  However, I learned the critical importance of adaptability and trusting your God-given intuition.  It has helped me in every area of my personal and professional life.  For anyone looking to go to the next level, get hired, grow business, or get on a television show, being flexible and willing to adjust is key.  The truth is that most people are overly rigid, unteachable, and unwilling to go-with-the-flow.  The “flow” might be what you have been waiting for, even though it does not look like the open door you expected.

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What strategies have worked for you in getting the job of your dreams?  If you’ve been fired, what mistakes have you made?  What do’s and don’ts can you share with our online community of readers.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Reinvention Strategistâ„¢ Marshawn Evans is a former Miss America beauty queen turned Donald Trump Apprentice, turned Georgetown University trained sports & entertainment lawyer who equips the motivated to live without limits.  She is Founder of ME Unlimited, a management consulting and performance strategy firm, and author of the bestselling book, SKIRTS in the Boardroom: A Woman’s Survival Guide to Success in Business & Life.  Subscribe to her FREE empowerment e-newsletter at www.marshawnevans.com.  Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.