7 Indicators Of An Exceptional Digital Brand

7 Indicators of an Exceptional Digital Brand

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  • Diversity: Are you using different types of media online? Are you showing up in a variety of places? Be willing to branch out and diversify your online presence. If you only write articles, consider making a few videos to switch things up. If you only promote on your Facebook fan page, consider jumping into some conversations on LinkedIn. Be selective but deliberate about diversifying your presence.
  • Relevance: How useful is the information you distribute? With so much noise in the digital space, it’s important to differentiate yourself by creating content that is authentic and timely. Everybody wants to improve their life in some way; how are you assisting in that? How relevant are you in your industry? Insert yourself into the most visible circles and conversations by leading with high value content and a genuine interest in connecting.
  • Volume: Are you sharing enough? If you’re writing a blog post once a week, consider upping it to twice a week to see what happens. You may find that your traffic increases and your sales needle moves. If you’re busy and feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of doing more, use the automation features of your blogging platform to schedule your posts in advance. Hoot Suite offers user-friendly ways to keep your social media accounts full of fresh content.
  • With so many platforms and opportunities to build your brand online, a solid strategy is essential to success. Use the seven indicators to help you determine where your brand stands today and where it should go.

    Lisa Nicole Bell is equal parts artist, businesswoman and motivator. Lisa is the Founder and CEO of Inspired Life Media Group where she and her team meld art, social change, and commerce to create economically viable media properties.