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Keeping It Together

level for Diana, and one for a laptop. Hollins’ home office is set up separately on a second DSL line and all-Ethernet router.

“I was not a technology wizard or anything,” says Hollins, who has had computers in his home since 1992 and the network up for three years. “I was pushed into it by what my kids needed. It’s really pretty easy. When we built my last house, it was wired prior to being built. This one wasn’t.” Hollis says he spent “a ton of money” because he thought setting up a network required “technical expertise.” But he’s learned his lessons: “When I switched from cable to DSL, I went to Best Buy, bought the stuff, and set it up myself. I had a couple of little glitches.” But “with tenacity and tech support,” Hollins says he was able to set up a network that keeps his family connected.