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Learning A Lesson

Estée Lauder, HBO, and Showtime.

Clyde Williams, domestic policy adviser for The William J. Clinton Foundation in New York, worked with Banks to create TheKey and says the fact that Ember Media’s determination to stay on the cutting edge of technology while helping to improve the overall community is admirable.

“Former President Clinton is very interested in economic development — particularly in underserved communities,” says Williams. “He’s opted to work with an organization like Ember Media to help improve the lives of others.”

Banks says matching market needs with his small firm’s limited resources has been a key challenge over the last six years. “If you don’t strike the right balance, you either miss out on the work or you underperform,” says Banks.

Next time around, he hopes to have private investors in place to help ease the crunch. “It won’t be easy, but we’re confident that we can achieve that balance.”