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Loud And Clear

models can deliver full motion audio and video. With the Xport “you’re not restricted to your PC,” says Lipscomb. “It can pull content from the media center or from the network. When you download content with us, that content can be played on your TV and through the stereo.”

The network’s broadband infrastructure gives Lipscomb plenty of room to create channels that traditional broadcasters couldn’t dream of developing, such as a gospel channel or a channel for Americans living in, say, Korea. “You couldn’t deploy that [content] economically in a cable environment,” notes Lipscomb. “Peer-to-peer technology allows [us] to pull content from various nodes within the network, so as the network provider, my cost in bandwidth is zero.”
The network’s official launch is slated for this month, which is about the time that you should start brushing up on your remote control etiquette.