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Make Your Website Pop

a topic of interest to your customers.

4) Get back to basics: Browse through a few sites and you’ll quickly discover that accessing basic information can be a challenge. To make sure your visitors don’t get turned off by poor navigation, broken links, and irrelevant information, be sure to give them a clear explanation of your product or service, making sure to highlight exactly what makes your firm and its offerings unique.

5) Give ’em the royal tour: When designing your site, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What do they want to see or know? What format most suitably presents this information? How can you keep them interested and make the experience fun?

Here are six additional SEO strategies you can start today:
Include only the most important, meaningful keywords in your site’s title tag or the title that appears in the bar at the top of the Web page.

  1. Make sure your site includes as much information as possible, preferably 250 words on each page.
  2. Spend the time necessary to know the keywords your prospective clients use to find your firm and its products/services.
  3. Don’t try to trick the search engines by loading your site with irrelevant keywords that have nothing to do with your business.
  4. Don’t allow your most important keywords to be contained in graphics. Try substituting formatted HTML text for graphics.
  5. Citation mapping, the number of links that point to your Website, is critical to all search engines when assigning site ranking.
  6. Use as many relevant quality links as possible that point to your site.