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Making the Best of Your Wireless Options

providers also offer a service through which customers can use their cell phones as a wireless modem, thus eradicating the need for a PC card. “Using a PC card and Wi-Fi is a good option because it allows business owners to connect and use typical office software while on the road,” Welsh says .

Another option for business owners that set up “temporary offices” away from their headquarters is the fixed cellular terminal. Ranging in cost from $500 to $700, the terminal connects to a land phone line and allows multiple users to share one connection and a single voice/data bill every month. While the upfront costs are higher than you would pay for a PC card, the benefits of fixed terminals include lower monthly service bills and accessibility for multiple users.

When selecting which mobile Internet option is best for your company, consider the level of mobility required and the number of accounts that need to be enabled. “If you’re going to be highly mobile, but if all you need is e-mail, then a BlackBerry or iPhone will be perfect,” says Welsh. “But if you need more connectivity and access from remote locations, then a PC card and mobile Wi-Fi service will be your best bet.”

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