Too Blessed To Be Stressed! Journals & Self Care Guides For Black Women
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Too Blessed To Be Stressed! Journals & Self Care Guides For Black Women


Did you do everything you planned to do this year? if not, what hindered your progress? Were you overwhelmed at your 9-to-5 and too tired to work on your small business goals? Did you experience depression due to the death of a family member or friend?  Or maybe you kept going back and forth with a toxic partner.

Whatever threw you off track has got to be assessed before the New Year rolls around. You’ve got goals to slay, money to make, and brilliant ideas to manifest! Amazon carries journals, books, and guides tailored to women of color that will help you remove all barriers and put your potential in the driver’s seat. Without further ado, here are our finds for a fruitful 2022!

More Life: Secrets to Cultivating God’s Grandest Vision For Your Life

More Life (Amazon)

More Life is your fail-proof plan to begin to experience the life you crave. In the book, the author, Tiffany Nunnally, serves as a spiritual guide as she shares her personal story and path to a life of more. From the dark place of two sudden deaths to the birth of a thriving business and newly found purpose. She takes you on a journey to align your life with God’s plan, rest in His perfect peace, and step into the “more” you were created for. This book will help you get past the monotony of everyday life and towards the abundance that is your birthright.


Manifestation Journal for Black Women 

Manifest your desires and make your dreams come true with this easy-to-use Manifestation Journal. This workbook is packed with various Law of Attraction techniques, exercises, and tools to help you manifest the life of your dreams! You will become the vibrational match for what you seek to attract and learn how to walk through life as if what you want is already yours.

Soul Healing: A Guided Journal for Black Women: Prompts to Help You Reflect, Grow, and Embrace Your Power

Soul Healing (Amazon)

This guided journal helps you reflect, heal, and live authentically in your Black womanhood. Through prompts and techniques that encourage you to embrace and harness your inner power, you’ll learn to root yourself in self-care! It contains anecdotes that illustrate how the tools and techniques in this book can help you dedicate more time to yourself, boost overall wellness, and achieve your goals.

Black Women: Beautiful Curvy Black Women Self Care Coloring Book 

Black Women (Amazon)

Did you know that psychologists recommend coloring as a form of therapy and self care? This coloring book puts full-figured women in the forefront, showing them living life unapologetically and healing internally. If you have struggled with loving your curves, this tool will help you see the beauty you possess, inside and out!

She Speaks: Wisdom From the Women of the Bible to the Modern Black Woman 


Through the examples of powerful women in the Bible She Speaks helps African-American women find relevance, purpose, and identity in the Word of God. Each chapter offers a complete list of references to help the reader locate the stories of these inspirational women in the Bible with ease. For anyone looking for a deeper study of women of the Bible and for the African-American woman who sometimes needs reminding how real and relevant her struggles are, She Speaks is the perfect choice.

Manifest Journal – My Dream Year: Journal, Vision Board Book, Gratitude Pages, Affirmations, Manifest Books & Podcasts, and more 


Our words create our world. Write down your thoughts with intention and watch your dreams and goals manifest. This journal will give you a description of what manifestation is, why gratitude is important, vision/action board pages, manifesting books and podcast recommendations, affirmations, and thought-provoking questions. Use this tool to write until your dreams come true.

How To Travel To Paris Like a Rock Star: Even if You Have an Indie Band Budget 


Traveling is self-care! This easy to read ebook will give you all you need to know in order to make your trip in Paris the best! The beautiful pictures will help you navigate your way through Paris and after you read it you will feel completely comfortable and prepared for the vacation of a lifetime!

What tips and tools will you use to manifest your dream life in 2022?