Neat Updates Mobile Scanning App, Adds Expense Reporting
Black Enterprise Magazine Summer 2019 Issue

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Expense reports are not the most enjoyable task (quite arduous, once you get to receipt no. 50) but you can create these reports on the go using receipts captured on your mobile device or stored in your NeatCloud Digital Filing System. If you want to scan a document such as a business card or receipt, simply snap a picture of the item. What’s great about the new app is that it then allows you to choose which folder you want to store the asset in. The ability to create a new folder from anywhere is another welcomed addition. You can also now sort, filter and find items and folders in your files based on date, keyword or item type.

Now let’s say you scanned a receipt and you wanted to share it with your assistant or an outside party, you can do so via your Neat account and select the option of whether or not to display your email address. (If you share a folder, as opposed to a single doc, the receiving party will have to sign up for a Neat email address.)  The document is sent as a pdf file to the requested person.

Once an item is scanned, the information is automatically placed in the appropriate data fields, and editing scanned materials and adding notes can be done with ease. As with the older version, app users can opt for Neat’s mobile data verification service, NeatVerify, which sends your scan to one of two Neat representatives who confirm the data was captured accurately. While the other information is input and available almost instantaneously, the NeatVerify process can take several minutes and users will receive a push notification when verification is complete.

Syncing is seamless. Prepare for the first sync to take some time, but it’s instantaneous when you’re adding incremental data.  The chat icon, located on the bottom left, allows a user to see the correspondence taking place within a file, as well as gives you a trail of the conversation.

The new mobile app is a part of Neat’s comprehensive Digital Filing System, which includes Neat’s   industry-leading desktop software platform; the company’s popular scanning solutions NeatDesk and NeatReceipts; and its cloud service, NeatCloud.

The new mobile app is free to subscribers of the top two tiers of Neat’s cloud service, NeatCloud, for $14.99 and $24.99 per month.  NeatCloud subscriptions also offer customers the ability to access, share and sync the information in their Digital Filing System across all of their devices, locate information stored in other cloud services, add up to five users to an account, and utilize additional customer service features. Users get 30 free credits of NeatVerify but the service will be available for customers at a fee: $4.99 per month for NeatVerify 30, $8.99 a month for NeatVerify 60, and $15.99 per month for NeatVerify 120.

For a complimentary 30 day free trial of Neat’s new mobile app and access to NeatCloud, visit  The mobile app can then be downloaded by searching for “Neat” within the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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