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New Media Dilemma for Democratic Convention

black bloggers could be a major asset to the Democrats in helping get out the vote, spotlight key campaign issues, and to spotlight key policy initiatives on race and economic justice issues,” he says.

The Afrosphere Action Coalition says they will continue to pursue the issue with the DNCC until more black blogs are credentialed. “The Afrosphere Action Coalition is pursuing the issues of equal representation and equal access for black bloggers on the floor of the convention, a privilege for which a pool of almost all-white-operated blogs are receiving;” says D. Yobachi Boswell of and lead coordinator for the Afrosphere Action Coalition. “This in a [Democratic] party whose electorate is 20% black,” he says. “Black communities have voted Democrat at a clip of 85% to 91% consistently for decades. [Yet] I submit that only 9 out of 124 total blogs who will at the convention are black-operated… [This] is discriminatory, disproportionate, and lacking in equality.”