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Multiracial Americans the Fastest Growing Group in U.S.

multiracialLatest Census estimates show that multiracial Americans have become the fastest growing demographic group, having a major impact on minority growth and challenging traditional ideas of race, according to an Associated Press report.

The multiracial populace rose 3.4% last year to about 5.2 million. First given the option in 2000, Americans who check more than one box for race on surveys have jumped by 33% and now make up 5% of the minority population. Millions more are believed to be uncounted.

The recent population growth, demographers say, is attributed to more social acceptance and slowing immigration. The high profile presence of leaders such as President Barack Obama and recently nominated Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor are said to have an effect on those who might self-identify as multiracial.

Figures as of July 2008 show that California, Texas, New York, and Florida had the most multiracial people. When measured by percentage, Hawaii was first with almost 1 in 5 residents who were multiracial, followed by Alaska and Oklahoma, both at about 4%. Utah had the highest rate of growth of multiracial people in 2008 compared with last year.

–Janell Hazelwood