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No More Excuses

time, money, or energy to bring about solutions: No more excuses.

The election of Obama to the Oval Office proves once and for all that we can achieve anything as African Americans. The question is no longer whether or not anything is possible. The question is only whether or not we are committed to doing what needs to be done to be the best we can be, to achieve our fullest potential as individuals and as a people. No one is saying it will be easy–after all, racism is still alive, even if it’s been dealt a serious setback by the majority of American voters–but we can no longer accept that it cannot be done. Yes, the ceilings on our potential still exist, but we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are not impermeable.

The rallying cry of the Obama campaign was not “Yes He Can,” but “Yes We Can.” And now that we’ve done it, now that the impossible has proven possible after all, there is no turning back. There are no more excuses.