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Each of our nations was formed out of this sense that a state has no greater responsibility than to uphold the essential dignity of its citizens. That was the promise of my country’s struggle for independence. That was the promise of Mexico’s struggle for independence. That was the promise of American independence. It’s a promise advanced by Hildago, as well as Washington; by Lincoln, but also by Juarez — and a promise that now falls on all of us to advance in our own time.

More than 60 years ago, at a moment when our world was consumed with war, one of my predecessors came here to Mexico to reaffirm the relationship between our two nations. In a speech to the people of Mexico, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “[Our] peoples are finding that they have common aspirations. They can work together for a common objective. Let us never lose hold of that truth.”

That was President Roosevelt’s message then. That is my message now. And I’m confident that if we continue to draw strength from our common aspirations and purpose from our common objectives, if we continue to act, as we have during this visit, in a spirit of mutual responsibility, mutual respect, and mutual interest, then that is a truth that we will uphold together in the months and years to come.

And I am so pleased that I have such an outstanding partner as President Calderón, somebody who has shown his courage and his bravery, and somebody who’s shown that he combines a sense of principle with a sense of practicality; somebody who I know wants to be a partner with me as we strengthen our partnership and we make certain that the children of Mexico and the children of the United States are both seeing a future that’s more prosperous and more hopeful than the ones that have come before.

So, thank you very much, everybody. And let me please make a toast to my host. (Applause.)

(A toast is offered.)

(Source: White House)

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