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for McCain there’s no end in sight for the war.

Similar to her running mate, Palin has a hard time looking at Biden.

Same-sex benefits — 9:37: Biden supports same-sex benefits. Ifill didn’t ask whether the candidates support smae-sex marriage. Palin won’t expand benefits to marriage because she doesn’t want to redefine the traditional definition of marriage of “one man and one woman.” She says she’s tolerant, but she says that she will tell America straight up that she doesn’t support gay marriage. Biden says that he and Obama don’t support gay marriage.

Energy — 9:30: Climate change: true? false? Palin: “I’m not one to attribute man’s activity” on the effects of the climate change. I don’t want to argue about the causes, I want to work on what we can do to reduce emissions. This is the same question that Katie Couric asked this week. Biden: “I think it is man-made. It is totally man-made.” If you don’t know the cause, how can you fix the problem, he asks in response to Palin’s plan to fix the climate change, but not questioning how it came about.

Broken Promises — 9:21: Ifill asked if there are any promises that will go unfulfilled because of the economic crisis. Biden said they’ll have to slow down on global investments. Palin says there’s nothing because she’s only been at this “for what? five weeks? I’ve made no promises except to the American people” to have their interests at heart.

Healthcare — 9:19: Palin presents the McCain-Palin “budget neutral” healthcare plan that will give Americans a $5,000 tax credit for healthcare. Biden says that to pay for that credit, McCain will tax Americans’ current health plan.

The T word — 9:15: Palin is going on the attack about taxes accusing Obama of raising taxes and being a big spender. Biden has shot back that Palin isn’t accurate in her assessment and also pointing out that McCain also voted yes on some of the same bills that Palin has said Obama voted for.

Foreclosures — 9:12: Palin is blaming the predatory lenders for the housing crisis, and their conniving ways for tricking people into buying homes they couldn’t afford. But there aren’t just lenders at fault. There are people out there who knew they couldn’t afford a $300,000 home when they weren’t even making $30,000.

Wink — 9:08: She winked! Palin mentioned Americans are craving something new and different and want a maverick in the White House. But neither candidate actually answered Ifill’s question about what they’d do as vice president.

Economy — 9:06: Palin brings out the betcha, and takes the economic issue to Main Street and the soccer field.  So far, she’s mentioned John McCain twice. Three times.  She brings up the campaign suspension. Good return.

Rules of the House — 9:02: Ifill lays down the ground rules. No hitting, spitting, smacking. Oops, no, that’s wrestling. Biden won

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