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Peak Performance

every situation.

  • Show Up! Arrive on the scene with an attitude to do more than the average person. As Les Brown says, “If you do the things today that others won’t do, you will have the things tomorrow that others won’t have.”
  • Stand Up! Make the decision to become a better you. Seek out opportunities to broaden your skills within and beyond work-related activities to demonstrate how you add value to the company.
  • Step Up! Rise to the occasion and consistently give tasks your best shot. Think of yourself as a brand and build a self-promotion campaign that builds your reputation.
  • Make Up Your Mind! Do whatever is necessary to serve and give at the next level. You might volunteer to speak at a conference or serve on a forum. Strive for greater success, and make your mark in all your personal and professional endeavors. — R.D.C.

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