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Protect Your Identity

Web address at the top of your screen. If the information is “encrypted” in a secure manner, the URL address will start with :https://.

  • Look for information about the merchant’s privacy and security policies. Every Website should clearly disclose how the merchant will protect your financial information and whether it will share your personal information with other companies.
  • Consider using a service that masks your account number. American Express offers Private Payments, a service that generates a unique, random number that is used in place of an account number. It expires after each transaction, so it cannot be reused if stolen. Private Payments, however, is not designed for certain types of transactions, such as advance travel arrangements and recurring payments. Consumers can also purchase software from ( or Zero Knowledge Systems (, which promises to conceal your online persona or create online pseudonyms when you exchange e-mail or participate in chat rooms.
  • Consider purchasing identity theft insurance. Some insurance companies, such as Chubb and Hartford, offer identity theft insurance as a rider on a homeowner’s policy.

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