Rashidah Ali of Love & Hip-Hop NY is Putting Her Fashionable Foot Forward
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Love & Hip-Hop NY Star is Putting Her Best Fashionable Foot Forward

Rashidah Ali from Love and Hip-Hop NY

So what’s next on your plan?

I have my spring collection for the summer, which is crazy. I’m so excited. I have some amazing styles coming out for the spring, and I feel like every season I will always be on my tiptoes because it’s something you got to stay on top of.

Any tips for entrepreneurs?

Focus on your goal. I think it’s so easy to get sidetracked in this loopy industry that we’re in. As cliché and as corny as it sounds, I think it’s important to go to bed, get your rest and wake up early with a plan. I never go to bed without writing my to-do list for the next day.  If I don’t see what it is I have to do, I don’t know if I accomplished it or not. So write your goals, make them visible, check them off as you go and keep focus on the target.

How has the show been supportive in you promoting your brand?

I think they’ve been great. I think not just with me, but also with all the cast members. They don’t try to make us constantly sit around and talk about nothing. This is your chance to tell your story. They definitely give us the opportunity. If you’re doing nothing, that’s going to show, but if you’re working and grinding, they’re definitely going to highlight that as well.

How will you combat the negative portrayal of black women on reality TV?

I want to definitely be me. I want to show my business side and my outspoken side. I didn’t get here by closing my mouth and being submissive, I got here by speaking up and handling my business. So I’m going to show me. It’s my story and I’m going to tell it. It’s not going to all be amazing. There’s been a lot of hurt and disappointment in my life, but I’m going to represent for not only black women but all women entrepreneurs that love to look fashionable and handle their business.

The new season of Love & Hip-Hop airs January 7 on VH1.