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Jones: I liked that you pulled out some of the nutritional elements. I liked that you used the name of the product, Body Quest, multiple times so that the rest of us would hear it and remember it. The only thing I would give you as advice if you make it to the next round is I want to know what you plan to do with the money in order to expand where you are now.

Brown: I think the only problem in his pitch was that he kept backing away from the mic and your tone kept going down. Other than that, you had what the product was, how to find it, and what it was about in a very short time.

Graves: How much does it cost, meaning does it cost the same if I buy a pint of regular ice cream or a pint of Body Quest? I also think that the word ‘protein’ to some people is a positive thing and others it’s not necessarily so. If you can just call it Body Quest Ice Cream and let people understand it was about improving your body without using the word protein, because sometimes when people see that something is good for you they don’t want to spend the extra money to get it.

Greaves: I’m curious to know what the competition is. I’m curious to know what the production is and there are kind of a lot of questions around that, the cost. But eating ice cream instead of potatoes sounds like a pretty good idea. So I think you have a good angle and a good tagline.


The BE Next Award is presented to a fearless entrepreneur age 21 to 35 tapped to be a future business leader.

BE Next Award WINNER
Hassan Iddrisu and Hussein Iddrisu Roadstarr Motorsports Inc. – Los Angeles

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