RECAP: Sony's Holiday Jamboree

RECAP: Black Enterprise Previews Sony’s Holiday Jamboree

Photo: Disney / Marvel



Anyone who knows me knows that karaoke and I go together like a TerRio and Bobby Brown’s BBQ sauce. So, it was nothing to hop on the M-I-C to play Sony’s SingStar. Leveraging all the social features of the PS4 (see: ‘Share’ button), the game is more community focused as friends all around the world can join in to croon a tune.

During my experience with the game, I sang “American Pie” by Don McLean. Nobody joined in, but it was a fun experience since I was able to turn my smart phone into a microphone. By downloading the SingStar app, I was able to connect directly to the PS4 system and the game registered my phone as if I used a Sony peripheral device.

Along with the ability to create and manage my own playlist, SingStar is a game that promises to get the party started and keep it live. Fun for the whole family, there’s still no definitive release date yet, but keep an ear out for this to drop Holiday 2014.