How to Reinvent Yourself
Career Magazine

Reinvent Yourself by Firing Yourself

By taking a similar tack, you can release the baggage of emotion and convention to give your career a boost or your company a fresh start. To be successful in this ever-changing climate, rethink everything and fully understand today’s global marketplace to seize every possible employment and entrepreneurial opportunity. That’s the only way to identify a niche or fill a void.

Reinvention will require the development of a mission statement for your career, company, and life. Then, like Jung and others, establish a strategic plan that communicates your competitive advantage and ensures you will achieve your goals. In producing this comprehensive blueprint, adopt an old B-school philosophy I’ve followed for years: what gets measured gets done. In other words, define success through the use of objective metrics.

By firing yourself and rebuilding your résumé, you will not be a survivor hanging on for the next paycheck or contract. You’ll be a leader who will be able to direct your destiny.