Clay Donahue Fontenot: One of the Most 'Sought-After' Stuntmen
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Risk and Reward: Clay Donahue Fontenot, One of the Most ‘Sought-After’ Stuntmen in the Business

Clay Donahue Fontenot is one of the most sought-after stuntmen in Hollywood (Image: Fontenot)
Fontenot was Wesley Snipes' stunt double in "Blade Trilogy." (Image: Fontenot)

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“It’s my natural calling. What I was put on earth to do,” Fontenot says. “I played all sports in high school, lettered in all of them, and then beyond that, I did a lot of extreme sports stuff. I swam, ran, sky dived, scuba dived, studied marshal arts, gymnastics, acrobatics, skate boarding, skating, motorcross, street bikes, kart racing, Indy car racing—you name it, I did it. It made the perfect background to becoming a stuntman.”

Getting into the stunt world, usually requires a background of participating in extreme sports or a history of consistent, extreme training. Cultivating a specialty, like horseback riding or snow boarding, is an additional expert level skill that can come in handy. It helps carve out a niche and open more doors.

Fontenot’s background solidified his résumé. His accomplishments include stunts or “gags” in a roster of movies with Wesley Snipes, with whom he worked for 14 years. Some of the movies on their list include, “US Marshals,” the “Blade” trilogy, “The Art of War,” “7 seconds,” and “The Detonator.”

As a stunt double for Denzel Washington, with whom he’s still making movies, Fontenot worked on “Unstoppable,” “Two Guns,” and “The Equalizer” which hits theaters this summer.

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