Self-taught Chef Turns Passion into Profit with Exclusive Dining Experiences in NYC

Self-Taught Chef Turns Passion into Profit with A Unique Twist

(Image: Astonishing Photos)

You’re recognized by several fashion and digital media influencers as one of the hottest go to spots for an intimate dining experience. Besides the food,  what’s so unique about your Omar’s Kitchen?

You have the option of having a good time on your own terms. You can customize your menu. For instance, you can choose to eat chicken and waffles and your guest can enjoy a herb-crusted rack of lamb–the menu has no boundaries.

You also have the option of choosing your drinks, DJ, etc.  We’ve had guest get up and do soca or wobble line dancing while waiting for their meals.

Where did you find inspiration for some of your menu items like the Pina Colada Smothered Fried Cornish Hen and Dulce de Leche French toast?

A lot of times, I’m inspired by the melting pot of NYC. It is probably one of the few places you can get a slice of pizza and next door you can get Asian cuisine, and right next to that you can get some authentic Jerk chicken. I’m sure its no surprise that I love to eat so when I’m at a restaurant I would say, hmm I wonder how something such as Pina colada would taste with this. I like to create foods that anyone would be excited to eat, just to keep it interesting and fun.

Our Red Stripe Beer Battered fried chicken and blue velvet waffle is our most popular dish. I think New Yorkers right now are obsessed with chicken and waffles.

Do you have any plans to expand the “Omar’s Kitchen” concept?

I want to expand the concept to major cities across the United States. I would love the private dining experience to be the new norm.  Hopefully, Miami, FL will be my next location.

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