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Shop Around

Union for information on getting the best deals (www.consumer; 914-378-2300).

  • Ask family and friends for recommendations. This is always a good way to find great buys. Mention that a fellow customer recommended the store as leverage to get the best prices.
  • Get at least three estimates. Doing so provides options. If you get two high estimates then it’s likely you’ll get at least one low estimate. Keep in mind that a low estimate, if the end result is shoddy, doesn’t guarantee the best deal.
  • Go big and small. Yes, a small retailer may offer the better deal but it may also be limited in selection and availability. But the larger merchant may have a one-time sale or have the product in stock, so it’s a good idea to try both.
  • Bargain for the deal. If one offer is less than what’s expected, let the merchant know about the comparison shopping you’ve done. It’s as simple as asking: Can you offer me a better deal? Or, your competition is offering this price; can you offer something better?
  • Get referrals. Once you receive the estimates, ask for referrals from past clients. This way, if you’re having a service done, you’ll get feedback on the quality of work to expect.

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