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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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to turn in that letter of resignation and go to law school if they hadn’t promoted her above me,” says Woodard, who currently works as a trial attorney.

Like others, Woodard discovered that regrets can also be the source of great rewards. “All regrets have potential lessons and gifts,” says Beazeley. “When we identify what they are, regret begins to become valuable.”

Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts
Interrupt them. When you start thinking negative thoughts, tell yourself you’re not going to revisit a past event. Remind yourself that it’s fruitless to relive the past.
Refute them. Each time you think a negative thought, immediately tell yourself why it’s untrue.
Focus on the present. When regret enters your mind, break the thought pattern by focusing on the current vision for your life.

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