Taking Your Small Business to the Next Level Takes a Plan

Taking Your Small Business to the Next Level Requires Action, Not Ideas

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good-better-best signCoaches, conferences, logos, branding expertise, PR agents, traveling, social media ads, business cards, professional head shots, website design all are “you get what you pay for” types of expenses. Free is fine, but at some point you are going to have to put your money to work for you.

Also, make your business legal. Pay the money to at least speak to a tax/small business professional about your options. You never know. The tax breaks or deductions you are missing by doing your own books could be the money you need to start investing in yourself. What does the next level look like? Who is already there? What makes their level higher than yours?

Changing your mindset, your circle, and your money takes a strategic plan. What level do you want to achieve in three months? One year? Set goals, make a budget, make a reading list, figure out what conferences will have your “need to meet” influencers in the room. Don’t promise yourself you’ll get it done in 2016; plan for it.

Ella Rucker (@ellalaverne) is in the business of mentoring entrepreneurs for their business’s success.  She is the co-founder of Weekend Startup School and director of operations for #MentorMonday; Both are safe places for entrepreneurs to learn practical advice for their big dreams. She has made her living for the past three years as a freelancer working as a writer, editor and content producer with some of the most successful personalities, brands, and blogs. She has also written an guide for entrepreneurs entitled The Beauty Of An Ugly Start: 12 Simple Reasons To Take Your Idea To Market TODAY.  To find out more go to EllaRucker.com.

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