2 Tech Gadgets for the Summer

2 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for the Summer

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The Coolest

A trip outdoors almost always requires a cooler to keep the drinks cold, a portable charger to keep cell phones charged, and a radio or Bluetooth speaker to keep the tunes blasting. The Coolest cooler has all of the above and some really exciting extras all in one package. Mixologists get ready. This groovy gadget comes complete with a powerful, ice crushing blender with a battery-powered motor, a pitcher made from hardy Tritan food-grade super-safe plastic, and precision sharpened stainless steel blades. Plus, it makes about 16 pitchers of cocktails on one charge.

The 60-quart cooler comes with a removable wireless speaker that can stream up to eight hours of music from any Bluetooth device. Recharge your gear wherever you are with the waterproof USB charger powered by a 20V rechargeable lithium ion battery. An LED light illuminates the inside of the cooler where you’ll also find a cutting board, four reusable plastic plates (they double as flying disks), a wine opener, and a Samurai sharp ceramic knife. It even comes with a tie-down bungee cord and a bottle opener with a magnetic cap catcher.

Finally, a built-in accessory deck compartment keeps wallets and keys safe and dry. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that became the second highest funded Kickstarter campaign of all time, the Coolest can be pre-ordered now for $485 on the company’s website and shipped in July; http://coolest.com/.